Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abound?

Abound is a therapeutic nutrition product intended to benefit people who need nutritional therapy for hard-to-heal wounds.

What are the key ingredients of Abound?

HMB, Arginine and Glutamine.

What types of patients may benefit from Abound?

Patients with pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burn injuries and non-healing surgical site infections.

Safety and efficacy of Abound have been tested in what types of clinical trials?

Healthy adult volunteers, critically injured trauma patients, men in resistance training, cancer patients and people with HIV/AIDS.

What kind of results have studies with Abound shown?

Abound has been shown to enhance processes involved in wound healing, reduce loss of lean tissue and increase body mass, support wound repair and support immune function.

What forms and flavors is Abound available in?

Because free glutamine does not have long-term stability in liquid, powdered Abound must be mixed with water for use.  Abound is available in convenient single-serving packets, either orange-flavored or unflavored.

How many servings of Abound should you take per day?

Patients should consume two servings per day: one with a morning meal and one with an evening meal. Mix one packet of Abound with 240 mL to 300 mL of cold water (juice for unflavored) and stir with a spoon until powder is dissolved. Note: Do not mix Abound with hot or boiling water or juice.

Can Abound be administered through a feeding tube?

Yes. Place one packet of Abound in a clean, small container (not a tube-feeding bag).
Add 120 mL of water at room temperature.
Mix well.
Verify correct tube placement.
Flush feeding tube with 30 mL of water.
Administer Abound through feeding tube using a 60 cc or larger syringe.
Flush with an additional 30 mL of water.