Abound Overview

Wound healing depends on a combination of good nutrition
and careful wound care. But sometimes good nutrition—based
on a diet of varied foods or a complete and balanced nutritional
supplement—is not enough. Despite these usual strategies,
some wounds persist. Abound® is a therapeutic nutrition product
that can benefit people with hard-to-heal wounds.

Abound® is formulated to meet specific nutritional stresses of healing wounds such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, surgical incisions with complications, and burns.  Abound works because it is a unique blend of ingredients that support wound healing above and beyond the limits of basic nutrition; it contains HMB along with arginine and glutamine. Because these substances are necessary for wound healing, short supplies can limit healing.


Combined, the 3 key components of Abound® help support tissue building and immune functions that are vital to healing wounds. HMB has been shown to inhibit breakdown of protein, such as muscle protein, which is important to lowering the toll that hard-to-heal wounds take on the rest of the body. Glutamine and arginine support synthesis of collagen, a protein essential to skin integrity and elasticity. Glutamine and arginine also serve energy sources for immune cells, thus enhancing immune function to prevent or fight infections that can complicate wound healing. In addition, arginine is also recognized to play a key role in producing biological messages that stimulate activity of immune cells and enhance formation of new blood vessels.

Proper wound care also requires a diet planned for wound healing. Appropriate nutrition for healing wounds includes increased caloric energy, adequate protein, ample fluid supplies, and increased amounts of certain vitamins and minerals (zinc, and vitamins A, C, and E).

Abound therapeutic nutrition, along with a diet planned for wound healing, must be accompanied by all-around good care for wounds and total health. Wound healing requires a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals who look after nutrition, surgical procedures, wound hygiene, wound dressings, and the general health of the patient.