Using Abound®

Abound® is a therapeutic nutrition product intended for people who
have non-healing wounds. Abound® is intended for use in concert
with a complete and balanced diet (oral food intake, oral nutrition
supplements, enteral tube feedings, or some combination) along with
optimal management of the wound (cleaning, moisture control,
wound dressings, and infection control).

Forms and Flavors

Abound® is a powder that must be mixed with liquid. It is available in
convenient single-serving packets of orange-flavored and neutral

Use Abound® neutral if you prefer to mix it with your choice of juice,
smoothie, or food.

Directions for use

Each packet of Abound® is dissolved with liquid to make one serving. The recommended dose is 2 servings (packets) per day, taken until your wound is healed.

The first of 2 daily Abound servings is recommended with a morning meal and the second with an evening meal. Each serving of Abound® provides 7 g of arginine, 7 g of glutamine, and 1.2 g of HMB (from 1.5 g CaHMB).

Preparation for oral consumption
  1. Mix one packet of Abound® with 240 to 300 milliliters (8-10 fluid ounces) of cold water (use juice/other liquid for neutral product), and stir with a spoon until all powder is dissolved.
  2. Please note that Abound should not be mixed with hot or boiling liquids because the heat can cause breakdown of Abound ingredients.
  3. Only use Abound® under medical supervision. Abound can also be tube-fed when recommended by a health care professional.