Directions for Use

Abound provides 7 g of arginine, 7 g of glutamine,
and 1.2 g of HMB. The recommended two daily
servings of Abound are best consumed with a
morning meal and an evening meal.

Oral Use
  • Consume two servings per day: one with a morning meal
    and one with an evening meal
  • Mix one packet of Abound with 240 mL to 300 mL of cold water (juice for unflavored) and stir with a spoon until powder is dissolved
  • Note: Do not mix Abound with hot or boiling water/juice


Feeding Tube Directions
  • Place one packet of Abound in a clean, small container (not a tube feeding bag)
  • Add 120 mL of water at room temperature
  • Mix well
  • Verify correct tube placement
  • Flush feeding tube with 30 mL of water
  • Administer Abound through feeding tube using a 60 cc or larger syringe
  • Flush with an additional 30 mL of water

Use Abound under medical supervision.